My name is Krish and I am an entrepreneur in exile, open source and cloud computing evangelist, researcher, thinker, blogger and an ex-physicist. Please visit www.krishworld.com for more info about me and my other activities.

Open@Krishworld is an attempt by me to understand the Open ecosystem and how it can be applied to various facets of our society. It is my strong belief that the very progress of human civilization is directly correlated to the idea of Openness. Whether it is Open Source or Open Data or Open Standards or Open Government, they all are directed towards taking our society to the next level. Openness ensures continuous innovation. It can be seen from the way scientific research is done in academia (well, how it was done before Biologists took full control of Scientific funding :-)) and its impact on the society as a whole. In short, I strongly believe in an Open Society and this blog will help me (and, possibly, others) in understanding how the idea of Openness can be used to push innovation, progress, etc. in all facets of our lives. This blog will evolve with as I understand these concepts better and better.